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Customized Industry Solutions for Every Business Sector


Experience the transformative power of CIPS, empowering banks to implement a wide array of solutions such as digital payments, digital banking, CMS (Cash Management System), and payment switching. Seamlessly integrating these technologies into their operations, banks leverage CIPS to provide enhanced digital payment options, comprehensive online banking services, efficient cash management systems, and streamlined payment switching capabilities. This versatile framework grants banks the flexibility to meet diverse customer needs and stay ahead in the dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape. With CIPS, banks embrace innovation and deliver unparalleled customer-centric solutions.

Petroleum Companies

Embark on a new era of success in the petroleum industry with CIPS, empowering companies to implement a suite of powerful solutions including EPS, Fleet Card, Acquiring, Front-End Processor, and Loyalty Engine. With CIPS, petroleum companies unlock a multitude of benefits and functionalities, revolutionizing operations and elevating customer experiences. Seamlessly process payments, efficiently manage fleets, acquire transactions seamlessly, integrate with front-end systems effortlessly, and personalize loyalty programs, all within the realm of possibility with CIPS. Empowering petroleum companies with enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction, CIPS propels them towards unprecedented growth and success.

Retailers Companies

Embrace the power of CIPS and revolutionize your retail business with a diverse range of solutions. Effortlessly manage product data with Product Information Management, optimize order processes with OMS, and enhance customer satisfaction through accurate Delivery Tracking. With CIPS, experience seamless B2B Retail transactions, elevate the customer experience in B2C Retail interactions, and facilitate smooth C2C Retail transactions. Empowering retailers with comprehensive solutions, CIPS paves the way for unparalleled efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth in the dynamic retail landscape.